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After a year of development, the AnyCafé Travel Brewer™ is ready for full production.

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The AnyCafé Travel Brewer™ is made from impact resistant HDPE that can survive small falls and wear and tear.

K-Cup® Compatible.

The AnyCafé Travel Brewer™ is designed to accept most standard K-Cup® coffee pods.

Rechargeable Battery Pack

The battery pack of the AnyCafé Travel Brewer™ is detachable and easy to recharge via 12v charging cable.

Easy to Clean

The top portion of the AnyCafé Travel Brewer™ is easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher.

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As Seen In…

A travel mug capable of brewing its own coffee, the AnyCafé Travel Brewer is essentially like toting a pint-sized Keurig machine everywhere you go.

Digital Trends

It’s the type of gizmo that we dream about on our morning commutes. Like, what if instead of stopping at the deli, we could just produce coffee with our bare hands?


If you love your Keurig but never have time to wait for the coffee to brew, a new travel mug could revolutionize your mornings. It’s called AnyCafé, and it’s the first travel mug to brew coffee using single-serve pods.

Real Simple

Every busy mom knows that even shaving just a few minutes off her morning routine can be life-changing. Enter the AnyCafé Travel Brewer, a brand-new travel mug that lets you brew K-Cups on the go.